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The Anti-Tutor's Top Five Back to School Tips For Parents

Find a Back-up Friend

Make sure your child has a back-up friend in each of their classes who they can call for help with homework assignments and class details. This is especially helpful if your child has trouble paying attention.

Plan for Textbooks

Purchase textbooks online or take digital photos of textbooks so your child doesn't need to carry them everywhere. If your child has a habit of forgetting textbooks in their locker this can be a lifesaver.

Work on Time Management

It is helpful to create a homework routine so that a designated time and place is reserved for working on homework. Talk to your child about how you can create a focused work environment in your home. Chatting about what has happened during the week and planning for the week ahead every Sunday fosters excellent time management skills as well.

Make a Master File

Create a file containing relevant school login information for all of your children such as e-mails, passwords, and classroom websites. Creating this master sheet allows everyone in the family to feel organized and secure that important information will not get misplaced during the school year.

Create a Master Calendar

For families with multiple children or busy schedules in general, it is helpful to have a master calendar of all school events (sports, music or academic) alongside your family events in order for everyone in the family to have an understanding of what is going on day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month.


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