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The Anti-Tutor's Study Guide to Finals

It's that time of year again. The Anti-Tutor is here to tell you it's going to be okay, especially if you listen to her Study Guide to Finals.

Leading up to your finals remember:

1. There is no reason you can't study early. You can start the process well before the teacher ever mentions finals or hands out a study guide.

3. Know what to expect. Get an idea of what to study. This can be done without asking your teacher. Go over: study guides, old tests/quizzes, recent chapters/worksheets.

4. Study properly. Make flashcards, study notes, take practice tests and form study groups.

Tips for creating a study schedule. Use your school planner or print out one of our monthly calendars.

a. Cross out any full days on your calendar that you will NOT be able to study.

b. Always schedule the hardest items first.

c. When in doubt, study the most recent material first.

d. Follow the plan! Avoid that panicked feeling you get the days before your finals by following this schedule and sticking to it!

Organization is key to covering all of the material necessary for your exams.

a. Organize your class materials saved over the semester. Divide the papers into folders by chapter.

b. Make a list of everything you need to study by filling out the Study Plan Chart on each folder.

c. Once you have listed the items you need to study on the front of each Class Storage Folder, use this calendar to schedule your study time for each item.

Use our StudyPage Checklists to ensure that you have not forgotten anything.

Weeks before finals

Days before finals

Hours before finals

At StudyPage we encourage our students to foster independent study skills so that they walk away empowered to study successfully without the aid of a tutor. The StudyPage Personalized Learning System helps with homework, time management, personal organization, studying and test-taking. The kit includes a homework binder, Studywise Notebook, Test-taking Power Notebook, My Time Calendar, and a Stash-and-Study Box complete with an organizational file folder system. It takes 21 days to change habits, therefore, every kit comes with 3 one hour lessons over the course of three weeks to change the way your teen learns! Visit to learn more.


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