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College Application Tips

Letters of Recommendation It is important that your teacher has AT LEAST two weeks' notice, but preferably more, in order to write a letter of recommendation.

Step One: It is important to ask your teacher or counselor in person

(i.e " I enjoyed learning in your class and feel like you have gotten to know me well. I would be flattered if you could write me a strong letter of recommendation for my applications." )

Step Two: Once your recommender agrees, remember to get their email address.

Step Three: It is helpful to provide your recommender with a brag sheet, a resume and a sheet of instructions. This can be done via e-mail.

Instruction Sheet

The instructions should remind them of what to expect:

- if your school uses Naviance, make sure your recommender knows that they will receive a Naviance request with instructions

- sometimes recommendation requests from applications get sent to spam folders, so make sure to remind your teacher to check this folder!

- provide a list of application deadlines

Brag Sheet

Brag sheets are important informational guides that you can provide a counselor or teacher who is writing you a letter of recommendation. These are different than a resume because you can add a more personal dimension. The reason for providing a brag sheet is that it provides whoever is writing your brag sheet with reminders of your achievements and why you an excellent candidate for college entry.

Transcripts Double-check your grades by getting a copy of your transcripts. You NEED these for your applications and it is incredibly important that you enter your grades correctly. You do not want to sell yourself short by accidentally recording a GPA lower than what you have earned and you certainly do not want to be accused of claiming higher grades than you earned either.

*If you are applying to State schools, use this website to cross-check your classes with your A-G match-up.


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